A school uniform helps to establish an identity, adds to general pupil appearance, makes for easier clothing selection and buying and adds to overall school tone and pride.

All students are expected to wear the approved Orrvale Primary School uniform. Please refer to the School Uniform Policy below.

Uniforms can be purchased at the uniform shops in Shepparton.




  1. Uniform should consist of:
    • Summer - Girls:
      • Red / white check dress, or
      • Navy shorts  and school t-shirts.
    • Summer - Boys:
      • Red T-shirt with school motif.
      • Navy shorts.
    • Winter Girls:
      • Red windcheater with school motif.
      • Navy slacks or skirt
    • Winter Boys: 
      • Red windcheater with school motif
      • Navy slacks
    • Sports:
      • Red t-shirt with school motif.
      • White shorts and appropriate footwear.
    • Footwear:
      • White and grey socks.
      • Black school shoes sandals and joggers (or similar) are the only acceptable footwear for school. 
    • School hat and school motifs.
  2. T-shirts, windcheaters, frocks, tracksuits, hats and school motifs can be ordered on a regular basis throughout the year from the Parents & Friends Club.
  3. School Council asks that all families comply with the school uniform.



Basis for discretion

The above may be changed or reviewed with the permission of School Council after consultation with school community.