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Frequently Asked Questions

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What time does school start and finish?
  • 9.00 a.m. - 11.00 a.m.
  • 11.30 a.m. - 1.00 p.m.
  • 1.50 p.m. - 3.20 p.m.
When is lunchtime?

Lunchtime starts at 12.55 p.m. and children eat their lunch in the classroom under supervision of the class teacher and then go outside at 1.05 p.m.

Is there a dress code?

Yes. The compulsory Dress Code is outlined in booklet distributed to all parents. View the dress code booklet.

Are there any other uniform requirements?

Art smock (eg. old shirt), library bag.

Where can I buy school uniform items?

Windcheaters, polo shirts, broad brimmed hats and back packs can be bought at all Uniform Shops in Shepparton

Is there a Sun Smart policy?

Wide brimmed navy blue hats are compulsory for all outdoor activities during Terms 1 and 4. Broad-brimmed and bucket hats are also allowed.

What subjects are offered to students as standard curriculum?

The school offers subjects in line with the Victorian Essential Learning Standards.
For more information, see our Curriculum & Programs page.

What additional programs are offered?
  • Reading Recovery / Literacy Support
  • Early Years & Middle Years numeracy & literacy
  • Integration for students with disabilities
  • Buddies
  • Active After Schools Program
  • Auskick
  • Saturday morning football, soccer & netball
  • Peer Support
  • Multi-media technology
  • Prep - Grade 6 camping program
  • You Can Do It
  • Bounce Back Program
  • Swimming
  • Salinity/Water table watch
  • Middle Years Program
  • Cross-age tutoring
  • Developing Literacy Partnerships
  • Instrumental music
  • Life Education Van
  • Junior School Council
  • Traffic Safety & Bike Ed
  • Multi-age days
Attendance and punctuality

Regular attendance is essential for good progress to be made at school.  Parents are asked to make every effort to have their children at school by 8.55am, as it is felt training in punctuality is an important aspect of character development.  It is also important that children attend morning school assembly, to receive any relevant information.  We conduct a full School Assembly on Monday morning and Friday afternoon. If your child is absent please inform office staff or the teacher concerned by note, phone call, email or personal contact. Students leaving school early must be signed out at reception. You can download the absence form or click here to email the school to advise of a student's absence.

What happens in extreme weather?

Normal school hours will be observed, but the children will remain indoors at recess and lunchtime.

Does the school produce a newsletter?

The weekly newsletter and notices will be sent home each Wednesday.  The eldest in the family will have the responsibility of taking these home.  The importance of this task will be impressed upon the child at school.  Please reinforce this at home by checking with your child each Wednesday. Download the school's newsletter.

Can students take money to school?

All money and cheques should be enclosed in an envelope with the child's name and his/her teacher's name on it.  The child should hand this envelope to his/her teacher.  Please make sure cheques are payable to 'ORRVALE PRIMARY SCHOOL' if not advised otherwise.  Receipts will be issued.

How do I ensure my child takes care of belongings?

All clothing and belongings should be clearly labelled. The lost property is kept in a central area. Any valuables should be given to the child's teacher for safe keeping.

What is Bank Day?

Students can open up a bank account through the school. They can make regular deposits on Tuesdays.  Prep children will receive an application form for a School Bank Account at the beginning of the year if your child does not already have an account.

What do I do when my child is sick?

When a child is ill at school, he/she is required to visit Sick Bay.  Parents may then be contacted to take the child home.

Is there a health program?

The Child and Family Health Program offers all Victorian children a health assessment in their first year at school.  The program is delivered by school nurses and nurses will need information that only parents or guardians have about their child. This will be done through a school Entrant Health Questionnaire. All information is confidential.

How can parents be more involved?

Many parents assist with reading, library work, elective programs, word-processing, swimming and camps. At the beginning of the year parents are given the opportunity to indicate their interest in assisting at school.

Do teachers and parents get together regularly?

Information evenings are held in first term to discuss current teaching methods.  Parents wishing to discuss any particular aspect of their child's work may make an appointment at any stage throughout the year.

Is there supervision during lunch and recess?

Three teachers are on duty in the yard at a recess and lunch period. The yard is also supervised from 8.30am. After school, four teachers are on duty until 3.50pm.

What is the procedure for excursions?

Notices will be sent home outlining details of all excursions and camps with a consent form. A student will not be allowed to leave the school without such permission.

On enrolling your child/children, parents sign a medical consent form, authorising appropriate medical attention in the case of emergency. This consent covers all camps, excursions and school activities.

What camps and activities will students be involved in?


Prep and Grade 1 participate in a variety of games finishing with a BBQ tea.  Children are picked up at 6.00 p.m.


Gr. 2 children participate in a variety of games at school, sleepover, have breakfast before being picked up at 8.00 a.m the next morning.

Gr. 3, 4, 5 and 6 participate in various camps during the year.

Throughout the year children will participate in various other learning activities such as Life Education, Swimming and DECA as well as other organised excursions relating to school studies.

Is there special parking for parents with disabled children?

Parents picking up their children are asked to observe the Disabled Signs.  These have been established for use of parents with children who have severe intellectual or physical disabilities.

Are there rules for bicycles?

Bicycles are not to be ridden in the school grounds. 

Please note: Children under the age of nine should not ride to school unless accompanied by an adult (as recommended by the R.T.A.).  Parents are reminded of the law which requires the compulsory wearing of an approved helmet and a roadworthy bicycle.

Is there a bus for students?

Shepparton Transit provides a daily bus service for $2.20 per day - or $1.10 for a one way trip. Weekly tickets for $8.80 can be purchased.  Children can use the service on a casual basis. The service covers a wide area both north and south of Shepparton. Two buses operate and they are known as either the S4 or the Raftery Rd. A bus list is compiled each day and children are checked on to the bus for departure from school.

Parents of prep children who intend on using the bus service are advised to do the following: have all relevant information eg: Name, address and telephone numbers and available contacts and drop off point  on a laminated card so that any distress for the child can be avoided when travelling for the first time. 

Enquiries and arrangements for use can be made directly with Shepparton Transit on 5831 2150.

What are the library rules?

Children can borrow school library books. Parents are encouraged to read to their children. Children need a material library bag measuring 30 cm by 40 cm with a drawstring at the top to protect books.  A tea-towel folded in half is most suitable for this.  Please encourage children to return books by the due date.

  1. Borrowing Books
    • Prep, One and Two: One book at a time
    • Grade 3 - 6: Two books at a time        
  2. Loan period is for one week.  This loan can be extended twice.
  3. Children with late books will receive an overdue notice.  If the book has not been returned within two weeks of this notice, it is assumed lost.  Parents will receive a bill for replacement and covering of the lost book.
  4. Children can return book/s and select new titles before due date, when the library is open.
Can voluntary contributions be made to the school?

The School Council has set $50.00 per family as a voluntary contribution towards school funds.  Although this is not compulsory we do encourage all families to contribute.  Some families have chosen to pay the full amount in one instalment and others have chosen to pay by term instalments.  Money raised goes towards school equipment in all subject areas and improvement and maintenance of grounds and play equipment.

What do I do when our contact details change?

The school needs accurate student and parent details, particularly addresses, phone numbers and emergency contacts. Please pass on any change to details on enrolment forms as they occur.

What is student wellbeing all about?

Student Wellbeing is co-ordinated by the Assistant Principal Ms. Gail Allen as Student Welfare Co-ordinator. Students are referred to her, through the Principal or classroom teacher.  Gail provides counselling and support to assist students with matters concerning their welfare or arrange assistance from outside agencies. 

Ms. Allen also co-ordinates whole school student welfare programs, including Peer Support,  Junior School Council, Smiley / Worker of the Week Award, Good Citizen Award and the Bully Busters Program conducted every second year.

Is there a code of conduct?

The school has developed a Student Code of Conduct, in conjunction with staff, School Council and parents, which outlines our approach to student behaviour and welfare. It emphasises a proactive approach, where positive strategies encourage the development of desirable, co-operative behaviour in students. It also outlines the processes used when behaviour becomes unacceptable. Parent surveys indicate high parental support and acceptance. The Code has been printed in a booklet which is available to parents.

Tell me about the Parents’ Club…

Parents' Club provides an opportunity for parents to participate in school activities.  Parents' Club is a discussion and support group for every aspect of school policy.  The contentment and welfare of all school pupils is of prime concern.  Meetings are on  Mondays.  Times and venues are notified in the newsletter.  All families are urged to take an active interest in the club. This club provides support for the school through fund-raising activities, and also provides a link between parents and the school administration.

Is there a canteen for students?

Currently the School Canteen operates on a parent volunteer basis twice weekly (Mondays & Fridays) each term.  Updated lunch order lists are sent home.  An information and inservice for new parents will be offered during term 1.

Does Orrvale have a school council?

Yes. This elected group meets on the third Thursday of the month.  It is a group comprising elected staff and parent representatives which is taking an increasing role in the curriculum and financial management of the school.  Early each year elections are held for positions on the School Council, so please give this serious consideration when nominations are called through the School Newsletter.

What is Orrvale's Privacy Policy?


This policy applies to members of school staff and the school council at Orrvale Primary School. This policy will be made available on request.


This policy was adopted at Orrvale Primary School the School Council meeting on 21.06.07.

Review Date

This policy shall be reviewed in 2010 and updated if required prior to 2010.


All staff of Orrvale Primary School are required by law to protect the personal and health information the School collects and holds.  The Victorian privacy laws, the Information Privacy Act 2000 and Health Records Act 2001, provide for the protection of personal and health information.

The privacy laws do not replace any existing obligations Orrvale Primary School has under other laws. Essentially this policy will apply when other laws do not regulate the use of personal information.


Personal information means information or opinion that is recorded in any form and whether true or not, about an individual whose identity is apparent, or can be reasonably be determined from the information or opinion. For example this includes all paper and electronic records, photographs and video recordings. 

Health information is defined as including information or opinion about a person's physical, mental or psychological health, or disability, which is also classified as personal information.  This includes information or opinion about a person's health status and medical history, whether recorded or not.

Sensitive information is defined as information relating to a person's racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religion, trade union, or other professional, or trade association membership, sexual preferences, or criminal record that is also classified as personal information about an individual. 

In this policy personal information refers to personal information, health information and sensitive information unless otherwise specified.

Parent in this policy in relation to a child, includes step parent, an adoptive parent, a foster parent, guardian, or a person who has custody or daily care and control of the child.

Staff in this policy is defined as someone who carries out a duty on behalf of the School, paid or unpaid, or who is contracted to, or directly employed by the School or the Department of Education and Training (DE&T). Information provided to a School through job applications is also considered staff information.

Policy Context

Personal Information is collected and used by Orrvale Primary School to:

  • provide services or to carry out the School statutory functions,
  • assist the School services and its staff to fulfil its duty of care to students,
  • plan, resource, monitor and evaluate School services and functions,
  • comply with DE&T reporting requirements,
  • comply with statutory and or other legal obligations in respect of staff,
  • investigate incidents or defend any legal claims against the School, its services or its staff, and
  • comply with laws that impose specific obligations regarding the handling of personal information.

Collection of Personal Information

The school collects and holds personal information about students, parents and staff.

Use and disclosure of the personal information provided
Students and Parents:

The purposes for which the School uses personal information of students and parents include:

  • keeping parents informed about matters related to their child's schooling,
  • looking after students' educational, social and health needs,
  • celebrating the efforts and achievements of students,
  • day-to-day administration,
  • satisfying the School's legal obligations, and
  • allowing the School to discharge its duty of care.


The purposes for which the School uses personal information of job applicants, staff members and contractors include:

  • assessing the suitability for employment,
  • administering the individual's employment or contract,
  • for insurance purposes, such as public liability or WorkCover,
  • satisfying the School's legal requirements, and
  • investigating incidents or defending legal claims about the School, its services or staff.

 The School will use and disclose personal information about a student, parent and staff when:

  • it is required for general administration duties and statutory functions,
  • it relates to the purposes for which it was collected, and
  • for a purpose that is directly related to the reason the information was collected and the use would be reasonably expected by the individual and there is no reason to believe they would object to the disclosure.

 The School can disclose personal information for another purpose when:

  • the person consents, or
  • it is necessary to lessen or prevent a serious or imminent threat to life, health or safety or
  • is required by law or for law enforcement purposes.

Where consent for the use and disclosure of personal information is required, the school will seek consent from the appropriate person.  In the case of a student's personal information, the school will seek the consent from the student and/ or parent depending on the circumstances and the student's mental ability and maturity to understand the consequences of the proposed use and disclosure.

 Orrvale Primary School will generally seek the consent of the student's parents and   will treat consent given by the parent as consent given on behalf of the student.

Accessing personal information

A parent, student or staff member may seek access to their personal information, provided by them, that is held by the School. 

Access to other information maybe restricted according to the requirements of laws that cover the management of school records.  These include the Public Records Act and the Freedom of Information Act

Updating personal information

The School aims to keep personal information it holds accurate, complete and up-to-date. A person may update their personal information by contacting the Principal and / or, the office staff at Orrvale Primary School.


School staff and students have use of information communication technologies (ICT) provided by the School.  This use is directed by:


  • DE&T's Acceptable Use policy for Internet, email, and other electronic communications.
  • DE&T's IT Security Policy

Information Collected:
Orrvale Primary School web and web server makes a record:

  • of a visit and logs that information for statistical purposes: (referring website, search key words.)
  • the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the machine from connecting to the website

Complaints under Privacy

Should the school receive a complaint about personal information privacy this will be investigated in accordance with DE&T's Privacy Complaints Handling Policy.

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