Curriculum & Programs

The school offers programs as outlined by the Victorian Essential Learning Standards. These include English, Mathematics, Health and Physical Education, Interpersonal Development, Personal Learning, Civics and Cititzenship, The Arts, Humanitites (Economics, Geography and History), Science, Communication, Design, Creativity and Technology, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Thinking. In addition special programs are developed to address and reflect student needs:

  • Reading Recovery / Literacy Support
  • Early Years  & Middle Years numeracy & literacy
  • Integration for students with disabilities
  • Buddies
  • Active After Schools Program
  • Auskick
  • Saturday morning football, soccer & netball
  • Peer Support
  • Multi-media technology
  • Prep - Grade 6 camping program
  • You Can Do It
  • Bounce Back Program
  • Swimming
  • Salinity/Water table watch
  • Middle Years Program
  • Cross-age tutoring
  • Developing Literacy Partnerships
  • Instrumental music
  • Life Education Van
  • Junior School Council
  • Traffic Safety & Bike Ed
  • Multi-age days

In determining the mix of class groupings and specialist programs, we endeavour to maximise staff and resource levels to provide the best educational outcomes and conditions for our students. Curriculum programs are delivered using a variety of teaching and learning strategies, including cross-age tutoring, co-operative learning and team teaching. Co-operative planning and team approaches maximise use of staff resources.

Our school is well recognised for its integration of students with disabilities. Every endeavour is made to ensure these students develop to their full potential by providing planned programs in a caring, supportive atmosphere.

Staff conduct themselves in a professional manner and in support of the agreed values of the school, having high expectations of themselves, their peers and students.  A blend of youth and experience has encouraged a renewed freshness and enthusiasm among all staff.  Decision making processes are based on a consultative model and focus on the best outcomes for students. Whole school planning ensures a systematic approach to policy and program development, evaluation and review, and determines professional development of staff.

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